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with thalassemia, a lack of funding was the biggest threat to the group's survival, Liu said.Bu

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t things turne▓d around in 2014 after Liu got in touch with the Mango V Foundation, a charitable organization launched by Hunan Broadcasting System and the China Social Welfare Foundation. Sh

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e took charge of its "love children with thalassemia" project in Sept▓ember that year.The project had raised more than 4 million yuan ($630,000) by the end of l▓ast year, and has aided more th

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an 300 children with thalassemia. Liu's efforts, and those of other parents, also l▓ed to testing for the disorder being included in the checklist for free premarital checkups a▓t hospitals in

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r."The most important issue is to strengthen promotional activities concerning the prevention and control of thalassemia, and to take effective measures to lower the birthrate of children▓ wi

or ▓transplant surgery because of t

th the disease," Liu said.Please scan the QR Code to ▓follow us on InstagramPlease scan the QR Code to follow us ▓on WechatTen children have attended the 'Children Becoming Buddhist Monks' cerem

more than 300 children▓ in Hunan s

ony ahe▓ad of celebrations for Buddha's upcoming birthday on May 22 at a Chogye tempele in Seoul, South Korea.More galleriesChildren in Seoul learn to become Buddhist monksPlease scan the QR

many of their parents unaware of h

Code to follow us on Instagr▓amPlease scan the QR Code to follow us on We▓chat'+sli.text()+'Independent goalsIndependent goa▓lsIndependent goals04-25-2018 09:00 BJTParents of people▓ with autism

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are working with NGOs and the gov▓ernment to enable their children to adapt to life wi▓thout guar

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dians in China. Xing Wen reports.The▓ drums pounded steadily as the curtain lifted on a v▓ariety s

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many children

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Awareness Day, which fell on April 2.Fan Meiying was h▓elping her 16-year-old son, who's a ▓head taller than her, put on his costume and shoes backstage at a students activity center, at the Capital Normal University.The 43-year-old spoke so▓ftly and patiently to the boy, who was diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder in 2004."I initiall▓y didn't want to send him to special education because I believed he would overcome his disorder and be able

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er job as an accountant to sit in the back of her son's classroom.It's common that families lose a breadwinner as one of the parents giv▓es up working to care for children with autism.Fan's son started throwing more e

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tragedy to happen again, w

xplosive tantrums upon reaching puberty. So, the family sent him to a special-needs school with courses for chil▓dren with autism who are younger than age 16 in 2014."He's t▓oo old to stay at the school now," she says.

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 started the group," Liu

"I hope he can someday earn his own living."Her concerns are shared by many such parents.Yang Zhonghao's parents sent him to a calligraphy-training ag▓ency in 2007 to help the 23-year-old alle▓viate the anxiety that

said."More tha
n 100 parents joined the

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comes with his disorder.He became less irritable, and started winning regional and national prizes for his works.▓"He often had epileptic seizures after age 18," recalls his mother, Qi Zhiying."He's an adult.▓ But it

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's difficult for him to be independent, to have a job▓ and to adjust to new environments."She worries he may be injured without his family's protect▓ion.She believes his ideal job would be to run a calligraphy studio in his home in the Inner Mongolia autonomous region's Ordos.Such NGOs as the red-brick Autist

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su▓pport at the t
ime."Witgust 2014

ic or Autistic Art studio in Beijing's 798 are also working to assist the children and alleviate parents' concerns.Income sourcesBrightly colored paintings by artistically talented children and adults with autism from around the country line the walls of the lobby. Bags, bottles and phone cases printed with

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the paint▓ings line a shelf."We help them sell the paintings and m▓ake creative products using their works," studio co-founder Zhou Jing says."A big part of the money goes directly to▓ them."The studio also offers free

painting,▓ music a

nd handicraft lesson

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